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Bioverse is an organization transforming the way humanity values biodiversity. Species extinction leading to losses of biological diversity translates into the loss of billions-of-years worth of undiscovered evolutionary information being lost forever. Solving this problem in today's capitalist-minded  world requires a disruptive business model to overturn extractive economic drivers that lead to ecosystem destruction. The Bioverse Model provides the necessary leverage for emerging technologies and collaboration among social and scientific movements to lead the way to a paradigm shift: The Industrial Evolution.










The Open Genomics Project seeks to build an open global bioinformatics platform designed to digitize, secure, and democratize access to digital genomic data. Bioverse is developing a decentralized ledger protocol, bound by the Nagoya Protocol with the aim leveraging digital assets, legal structures, and economic drivers to accelerate genetic discoveries in biodiverse rich ecosystems.  


This work will help an entirely new economy to emerge based on the value of genetic discoveries underpinning a crypto currency of biodiversity in flourishing ecosystems. The Open Genomics Project has the potential to reduce biopiracy, attract private capital into biological prospecting, and most importantly create an economy driven by the protection of ecosystems, traditional communities and cultural knowledge, where creation of wealth happens for people, businesses, and ecosystems.



Collecting, sequencing, and digitizing environmental DNA 


Securing access, legal rights, and wealth distribution through DLT protocols


Serving digital genomics through open source web genome services



The 4th industrial revolution is digitally transforming our society making this ambitious project possible. Bioverse and the Open Genomics Project team are creating a consortium of amazing talent to bring this vision into reality. We believe there will be no 5th industrial revolution. Instead, we envision the first Industrial Evolution where the ecological and technological merge to form a fully-integrated and biologically-based economy. Join us to accelerate the growth of this project to achieve a more just and sustainable future.

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