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Bioverse is committed to growing biodiversity and improving the lives of people who depend on tropical forests. The company was launched in 2020 with the idea of leveraging new and old technologies to rapidly accelerate non-timber tropical forest products in the Amazon Basin. 


Today, our team works with commercial clients, government partners, international organizations, and local harvester cooperatives to expand nature-based solutions across Brazil. Bioverse is also working with private, public and non-profit groups to conserve biodiversity and grow green economies in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Suriname. Among our partners are Natura, Google, Planet, Xmobots, Silverstrand, UNICEF, and UNDP." 


We are determined to accelerate and scale-up high integrity nature-based solutions that do well by people and the planet. We leverage the highest quality scientific methods and on-the-ground partnerships to add transparency and value to non-timber food product supply chains, forest regeneration schemes, agroforestry interventions, carbon and biodiversity markets, and bioeconomy development.



Bioverse is Brazil-based with operations across the Amazon Basin. The team is made up of both data and social scientists, including experts in remote sensing, deep learning, geography, and forestry studies.

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